Agricultural robots

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Agricultural robots are capable of collecting crop and soil samples because they are small in size, which allows them to be able to accumulate data close to the crops. They are also capable of mowing, spraying pesticides, finding diseases or parasites, and performing mechanical weeding.

AgBo is an agricultural robot developed by Yoshi Nagasaka. This robot has a laser scanner that is used as guidance along with fully independent steering. The robot’s steering system allows it to be capable of crabbing, turning, and backing up, making it flexible and easy to maneuver around crops.
AgTracker is another agricultural robot that was developed by Matthias Kasten. This inexpensive and simple robot is stable and turns well in soil, even in mud. It comes with the BasicATOM40-M controller.
AgAnt is a group of small robots that are capable of mechanical weeding. These robots look for weeds and once detected they send wireless signals to the other robots. The wireless signal guides the other robots to the weeds so that they can eliminate them.
RobotWorx is a robotic integrator that provides refurbished robotic systems at an affordable price. We provide robots for many applications including welding, material handling, among several others. RobotWorx supports the integration of automation across all industries, including agriculture, in order to advance those fields through robot technology.
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